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Biosphäre Potsdam

In the heart of Potsdam’s Volkspark, the fascinating Biosphäre Potsdam awaits you. A highlight of this botanical wonder is undoubtedly the tropical greenhouse, home to approximately 20,000 tropical plants, including an impressive 350 different species. This lush habitat is not only a gem of Potsdam’s Volkspark but also one of the outstanding attractions of the entire city of Potsdam. If you wish to visit the tropical greenhouse, you’ve come to the right place to get all the relevant information. Learn more about the fascinating diversity of tropical plants and animals thriving in this unique environment and secure your tickets for an unforgettable experience.

Biosphäre Potsdam: Explore the Tropical Greenhouse with 20,000 Plant Species!

Discover a mysterious tropical oasis on the outskirts of Berlin: the Volkspark Potsdam. The Biosphäre transforms this unique place into a paradise of the tropics. Experience a fascinating journey through exotic plants, birds, and butterflies. Since 2009, visitors can even explore a butterfly house. The Biosphäre, an architectural gem from the renowned Berlin architectural firm Barkow Leibinger, was created as part of the Bundesgartenschau 2001. Immerse yourself in this piece of paradise and experience the magic of the tropics without leaving Potsdam.

Biosphäre Potsdam: Exhibitions and Events

The Biosphäre distinguishes itself from traditional botanical gardens by presenting itself as a unique nature experience world and versatile event location that constantly changes and presents exciting special themes around nature. Here, not only are plants admired, but experiences are created. This unique location hosts a wide range of events appealing to both adults and children.

In total, three inviting tropical event locations are available, which can also be rented:

  • Event Hall “Orangerie”: This elegant hall provides the perfect setting for a variety of events. From classical concerts to exotic Christmas parties under palm trees – every event becomes an unforgettable experience here.
  • “Tropencamp”: The “Tropencamp” promises an adventurous atmosphere, ideal for activities and adventures in a tropical setting. Here, you can experience your own little jungle adventure.
  • Restaurant “Luncheon”: The “Luncheon” restaurant offers not only excellent culinary delights but also a breathtaking view of the lush tropical surroundings. Enjoy breakfast under palm trees or experience a culinary adventure amidst the greenery.

In addition to these unique event venues, the Biosphere offers a wide range of experiences, including animal feedings, interactive programs, and much more. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world where nature comes alive, and unforgettable moments are created.

Biosphäre Potsdam, Potsdam, Biosphäre, Tropenhaus, Volkspark
Biosphäre Potsdam


Georg-Hermann-Allee 99, 14469 Potsdam

Biosphäre Potsdam Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00
Sunday & Public Holidays: 10:00 – 19:00
The last entry is 1.5 hours before the house closes. In the butterfly house, the last entry is Monday to Friday at 17:40 and on weekends and public holidays at 18:40.

Exceptions include the Urwaldblick restaurant, the shop, and the Café Tropencamp. Please check before your visit.

Biosphäre Potsdam Tickets

Get your tickets now for the Biosphäre Potsdam – a covered tropical botanical garden in the Volkspark Potsdam. Experience the jungle landscape with over 20,000 beautiful plants and exotic animals!