Potsdam with Kids: Highlights and Attractions for the Whole Family!

Experience Potsdam with Kids: Discover not only countless sights, but also many other highlights specially tailored for young explorers. Our tours for children and teenagers offer a unique opportunity to explore the city and its fascinating history. Give it a try and discover Potsdam in a special way! We have compiled some of the best offers for you. Tickets, tours, and more await!

Potsdam with Kids and Teens – the Best Offers and Activities

Potsdam is ideal for a family visit. Whether during the summer or school holidays, on vacation, or for a weekend, there are numerous child-friendly activities and sights to discover here:

Filmpark Babelsberg

The seasonal amusement park “Filmpark Babelsberg” in Potsdam-Babelsberg is a highlight for kids. With over 20 film-specific attractions, four shows, a 4D and XD cinema, as well as original film sets and exhibition areas about film and filmmaking, the theme park offers an exciting experience for both young and old. The Harry Potter exhibition is also worth seeing. Plan enough time for your visit and experience unforgettable moments.

Biosphäre Potsdam – Tropical Landscape in Potsdam

Located in Potsdam’s Volkspark, the fascinating Biosphäre Potsdam houses about 20,000 tropical plants with over 350 different species as well as tropical animals and is one of the city’s attractions. However, the Biosphäre is not a classic botanical garden, but rather a nature experience world and an event venue with changing special themes about nature. Evening events for adults and children also take place here, which is an additional highlight.

AbenteuerPark Potsdam – Climbing Fun in the Treetops for Kids!

Experience the beauty of the forest from lofty heights and discover a fascinating world from above. Climb in our various courses and test your skills to master the heights. Your safety is our top priority. Watch other adventurers in between who are also overcoming the challenges. After climbing, you will feel happy and full of energy. Relax afterwards in our cozy café with a refreshing drink. With this activity, you can collect unforgettable memories in the midst of nature!

Potsdam City Center & Freundschaftsinsel: Geolino City Rally for Kids

The Geolino City Rally is an exciting puzzle adventure for kids and their friends. They solve interesting knowledge questions and discover curious connections while puzzling through Potsdam as a team and collecting points. A fun experience full of fun and discoveries!

Park Sanssouci

The Park Sanssouci, one of Germany’s most beautiful park landscapes, offers plenty of space for playing and exploring. In addition to the impressive palaces and park facilities, there is also a playground near the palace pond. Furthermore, there are many other parks in Potsdam that you and your children can explore. Enjoy shared adventures in this wonderful environment!

Exploratorium Potsdam

The interactive science museum “Exploratorium Potsdam” is suitable for children of all ages. Here they can experiment, explore physical phenomena, and learn about the principles of science and technology. The variety of practical activities is not only fun but also encourages learning. Discover together the fascinating world of science!

Museums in Potsdam

Potsdam offers a variety of other museums specially tailored to children that enrich the holiday program. In addition to the interactive science museum “Exploratorium Potsdam”, there are many other exciting facilities offering child-friendly exhibitions and activities.

The “Filmmuseum Potsdam” captivates young film fans with insights into film history and even offers its own film workshops. The “Naturkundemuseum Potsdam” allows children to embark on a discovery journey through the local flora and fauna. In the “Kindermuseum Potsdam”, young visitors can explore history and everyday life of past times in a playful way. These and many other museums offer varied and educational experiences for children of all ages. Dive with your family into the fascinating world of museums and discover Potsdam’s cultural diversity! Get more information about museums in Potsdam here.

Potsdam with Kids: Scavenger Hunt, Sightseeing & Outdoor Escape Game

Experience a unique scavenger hunt and get to know the city as a team! Our game combines the best of sightseeing, scavenger hunt, and outdoor escape game. Crack codes, find hidden messages, and keep an eye on the fox. Along a path that leads through the entire city, you solve tricky tasks and search for hidden clues. Teamwork is required to find the next locations. Fun is guaranteed, and the activity is suitable for all ages. Discover Potsdam in a completely new and exciting way!

Steamboat Cruise on the Havel

A boat trip on the Havel is an entertaining experience for the whole family. Enjoy the picturesque landscape along the rivers and lakes of Potsdam during a boat tour. In addition to boat trips, there are also other exciting water activities. Discover some of the best boat tours in Potsdam here to make your trip unforgettable.

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