New Garden

Neuer Garten, Potsdam
New Garden in Potsdam

The New Garden, a 102.5-hectare park created by Friedrich Wilhelm II, is located in the northern part of Potsdam and extends along the shores of the Heiliger See and the Jungfernsee. Together with Sanssouci Park and Babelsberg Park, this park, established since 1787, is among the significant green spaces and attractions of the city of Potsdam.

New Garden: Park in the English Style

The name “New Garden” derives from the fact that Friedrich Wilhelm II commissioned the creation of a new garden starting in 1787. In contrast to the old baroque ornamental and utility garden of Sanssouci built by Frederick the Great, this new garden aimed to convey a contemporary vision of garden architecture. Inspired by an English landscape garden of the late 18th century, the New Garden is characterized by enclosed garden areas and small architectural elements. The implementation of this modern garden concept was carried out by the Wörlitz gardener Johann August Eyserbeck, with Peter Joseph Lenné taking over the garden’s design from 1816.

The park’s design is connected to the gardens of Sacrow, Pfaueninsel, Glienicke, and Babelsberg, giving it outstanding significance and assigning it a central role in the garden landscape of Potsdam.

Sights in the New Garden in Potsdam

The park hosts a wealth of attractions, including the Marmorpalais, which was initiated by King Friedrich Wilhelm II. This palace, constructed according to the plans of Carl von Gontard and Carl Gotthard Langhans in the Early Neoclassical style, is a testament to royal splendor and architectural finesse.

Due to Friedrich Wilhelm II’s membership in a Freemason lodge and the mystically oriented secret society of the Rosicrucians, the park features various elements with symbolic significance. These include the Castle Kitchen, designed like a semi-submerged temple, the Ice Cellar in the form of a pyramid, and the Library in Gothic style.

In the years 1787 to 1793, the following additional attractions were created in the New Garden:

  • Marble Palace
  • Castle Kitchen, designed in the form of a temple ruin
  • Orangery in the New Garden
  • Gothic Library
  • Pyramid
  • Dairy
  • Shell Grotto
  • Dutch Establishment- Houses in Dutch style
  • Eremitage

Cecilienhof Palace was built between 1914 and 1917 in the northern part of the park in the English country house style. As the final palace construction for the Hohenzollerns, it served as the residence for Crown Prince Wilhelm, his wife Cecilie, and the Crown Prince’s family until early 1945. Later, it gained historical significance as it became part of the history books during the Potsdam Conference.

Opening hours:

Daily from 8 am until nightfall.

Admission prices and park entry

The entry to the park is free. As with Sanssouci Park, there is the option of making a voluntary contribution to support the maintenance and care of the garden grounds.


Neuer Garten
Am Neuen Garten
14469 Potsdam

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