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Potsdam travel guide with tours and information

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Potsdam travel guide with tours and information

We have put together some good travel guides for you that can help you plan and organize your trip to Potsdam. Most travel guides also offer a helpful city map so that you do not miss any of Potsdam’s many sights and also find your way back to your own hotel. They also contain mostly marked tours, gastro tips but also interesting information about the theater, scene and museums as well as other helpful information.

What should a good Potsdam travel guide contain?

Reiseführer, PotsdamDo you ask yourself this question shortly before buying? But what is important in a good travel guide? This question is not so easy to answer, as it also depends on the trip itself and the reader. A good travel guide for Potsdam should include the following points:

  • the most important Potsdam sights
  • Recommended routes in Potsdam
  • a Potsdam city map
  • Potsdam gastrotips
  • Potsdam cultural scene
  • Information on the history of the city of Potsdam
  • Hotel recommendations & suitable accommodations in Potsdam
  • General information about Potsdam

The most important Potsdam sights

Of course, a travel guide should include all of Potsdam’s major sights and districts. In addition, general information on the construction and history of the attraction. It is best to divide everything into areas with landmarks on the Potsdam city map.

Recommended routes in Potsdam

It can be helpful if routes are already recommended. This saves time, especially on short trips.

A Potsdam city map

A map helps you to find your way around and plan routes. Which sights in Potsdam are close together? Every travel guide should include city maps, ideally as a removable folding map and an overview of public transport.

Potsdam gastrotips

A good travel guide should include tips for a culinary excursion. What are the best restaurants in Potsdam. What are the recommendations of the Potsdam gastronomic scene? Which bars are trendy right now? The topic of eating and drinking is an important part of a Potsdam travel guide. From gourmet restaurants to cafes and bars to midnight snacks.

Potsdam cultural scene

Potsdam has several galleries & museums, but also theaters, cabaret and other events. A good travel guide should cover the main Potsdam facilities and events.

History of the city of Potsdam

If you also want to find out more about the history of the city, some travel guides and short abstracts of Potsdam’s history contain. Of course, you cannot read a detailed history of the city here. But one or the other travel guide more or less of it.

Find suitable accommodations in Potsdam

What hotels and accommodations are offered in Potsdam and where are they located. What are the special features and what does an overnight stay cost. These questions should be part of a good travel guide.

General information about Potsdam

It is also important that all practical travel information on how to get there, prices, city traffic, shopping, events and help in an emergency is included. The most important telephone numbers for emergencies and hospitals.

Book form or ebook?

Most travel guides are also available as ebooks in addition to book form. So everyone can decide for themselves whether they prefer to hold the travel guide in their hand in the tried and tested way and mark important points and carry them digitally on their mobile phone or tablet.

Without a guide, you’re missing out – keep that in mind.

Selection of travel guides for Potsdam

You can find a large selection of travel guides on Amazon. We have put together some recommendations for you here.


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